Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Patterns, Crochet and me!

WIP - Tick. Done. 
Crochet Hearts Doily now done and dusted.  Must say for the time I spent on this piece, I could have made a number of baby hats, mittens, bootees, etc.  However I appreciate the experience and I will file away the knowledge of this exercise for future reference. Here is a photo of the finished doily, just before cutting thread and prior to blocking.

free crochet patterns, hearts, doily,
Crochet Hearts Doily 
Heart Thoughts!
I am glad to have chosen two heart doilies to trial.  I personally prefer pattern No. 1 from Coats and Clarke "Hearts Desire".... simple, easy beginners heart doily, and a very easy pattern to remember.  I really like the ease of crochet, the quickness and versatility .... use it with any yarn and hook size.  I think I will definitely use this pattern again ... maybe not as a doily but for use in making a beret or summer hat!  Will see!

free crochet patterns, hearts, doily,
Crochet Hearts Desire Doily
Today is free day!
I am now ploughing through my handwritten scribbles, which I decipher and turn into patterns which make sense.... I hope.... and of course this is not my favourite part of crocheting.  However it needs to be done if my intention nowadays is to crochet for pleasure and for sharing... and opposed to crocheting madly for hours each day just to reach my quota by the end of the week .... so I can have stock for my market stall!  Those days are now gone, by choice, and I am now stress free!

I am going to share a few patterns with you soon, which will be free!  Simple and quick patterns.

So stay tuned.... there will be ...  NEWBORN Baby Hat FREE PATTERN
free crochet patterns, baby hats, newborn,
Crochet Hat Newborn

This "Perfect Wrist and Headband" pattern is so simple to make.  

A perfect little accessory for the coming summer months.



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Wristband/Headband Measurements: 

will vary depending on yarn and hook size. 

Aim for easy fit, this stitch will stretch and cotton yarn does relax with wear.

free crochet patterns, wristbands, headbands, cuffs,
Crochet Wristband Pattern

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