Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Life is Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows!

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Heavenly sunshine days!

How fantastic has the weather been lately?

Here in Kent the sun is shining, the wind has died down and it's just glorious, not only feels like those long summer days but it's even starting to smell like them. Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit, just a little bit. But it is wonderful to be able to get out and walk along the seafront without a wind chill factor freezing my face off!

Concerted Effort!

Which brings me to the patterns I am working on right now. I have finally knuckled down and I am working conscientiously on writing up, checking and re-making those colourful crochet hat patterns which I worked on, oh so many weeks ago!

Three (3) Crochet Patterns for Spring and Summer Hats

All three crochet hat patterns are crocheted with King Cole “Bamboo Cotton” 50% bamboo 50% cotton, in beautiful vibrant spring/summer colours.

Crochet Hat No. 1 is the  TROPO Hat

crochet patterns, how to crochet, hats, sun hats,

TROPO Hat is a colourful, springtime crochet hat pattern with a lovely stitch design pattern involving colour changes, and some tricky stitch work and is definitely NOT for the beginner!  Sorry folks.

Crochet Hat No. 2 is the GREEN SHRIMP Hat

crochet patterns, how to crochet, hats, sun hats,

GREEN SHRIMP is a simpler crochet hat pattern, which any confident beginner can tackle.  The pattern includes instructions for the Flower Brooch.

Crochet Hat No. 3 is the  VIOLET Hat

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VIOLET Hat is a super little cloche hat just perfect for the spring months.  Flower Brooch pattern is included.

Of course, if you like plain colours and don't want to do colour changes, all of these crochet hat patterns can always be crocheted in one (1) colour, resulting in a very interesting and beautiful texture to the finished project.

So do keep your eye open for these wonderful, colourful fresh springtime crochet hat patterns, which will be appearing soon, in my online stores.   Available from RAVELRY, and CRAFTSY.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!  I am.  Ciao, for now!

Ciao, ciao!

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring Fever!

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Blossom time

Spring is here and the blossoms are popping out all over, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops, pansys, cherry blossoms. I am so excited!

I love getting out and seeing what is about to blossom next, just love this time of year.

crochet patterns, headbands, headwear, daisy, flowers, baby, child, adult,

Celebration Time

So to celebrate spring and the promise of new beginnings, I came up with this little crochet pattern last night.

A sweet little daisy headband, just perfect for your cutie pie or for yourself.

crochet patterns, headbands, headwear, daisy, flowers, baby, child, adult,

DAISY Crochet Headband Pattern 

Pattern is available from my online stores - 

CRAFTSY         ETSY         RAVELRY 

Ciao, ciao!

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Return to the Crochet Coop!

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Like a homing pigeon

Just like our feathered friends we flew the coop. We had a lovely weekend away with relatives in Northampton and then drove onwards east to Norfolk to meet up with "the coast walkers". Oh yeah, believe it, we have members of the family who are walking the whole coast of Britain!

If you are wondering if we join them walking, the answer is NO we don't walk with them, their pace is a bit too fast for us and the weather conditions are sometimes (often) too wild FOR US!

Apart from the cold weather, we managed to have a great week away exploring the West Norfolk region, ran out of time to see everything we wanted to see, basically a good reason to go back in warmer weather. We are now back home and I am scratching around for inspiration for new crochet projects.


For some reason, (maybe it is due to having a week away and not crocheting?) I am struggling with getting back into something, anything, so last night I just sat and crocheted small stuff, straight out of a crochet book, just to get back into crochet.   Do you like?

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I do have a few crochet patterns to write up and finalize but I am procrastinating, I am definitely not in the mood for pattern writing,  I know "this too will change" as everything does change and I will be back with more patterns to share soon. I just need to get enthusiastic again.

On the Crochet Horizon

I have a number of hat projects just waiting to be presented in pattern form, and here is a sneak peek! 

These crochet baby hats are colourful and playful and I will definitely get out of this rut soon, and get it all together. I may have to wait till after the full moon? LOL

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So for now, ciao, and keep a lookout for the new crochet hat patterns coming soon!

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cutie Pie and 3D texture!

Keeping up appearances!
How satisfying is it to have your "darling little treasure" dressed in a cute or handsome little hat?

"awh... how sweet!"  "isn't she beautiful"  "how handsome does he look?"

and being able to say "I MADE IT!"

Would you like me to make you one?

or if you prefer this is where you can find the pattern!

Sweat and tears!
Finally, after many hours of crochet, writing, photos and the rest....

I have just listed a few more baby hat patterns to help you dress your darling!

Quick and easy with a bit of style.

Check them out and see if anything takes your fancy.

There will be more coming soon...

when I get back from our little getaway (next 5-6 days)... so looking forward to our trip north.

Ciao! for now!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Patterns, Crochet and me!

WIP - Tick. Done. 
Crochet Hearts Doily now done and dusted.  Must say for the time I spent on this piece, I could have made a number of baby hats, mittens, bootees, etc.  However I appreciate the experience and I will file away the knowledge of this exercise for future reference. Here is a photo of the finished doily, just before cutting thread and prior to blocking.

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Crochet Hearts Doily 
Heart Thoughts!
I am glad to have chosen two heart doilies to trial.  I personally prefer pattern No. 1 from Coats and Clarke "Hearts Desire".... simple, easy beginners heart doily, and a very easy pattern to remember.  I really like the ease of crochet, the quickness and versatility .... use it with any yarn and hook size.  I think I will definitely use this pattern again ... maybe not as a doily but for use in making a beret or summer hat!  Will see!

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Crochet Hearts Desire Doily
Today is free day!
I am now ploughing through my handwritten scribbles, which I decipher and turn into patterns which make sense.... I hope.... and of course this is not my favourite part of crocheting.  However it needs to be done if my intention nowadays is to crochet for pleasure and for sharing... and opposed to crocheting madly for hours each day just to reach my quota by the end of the week .... so I can have stock for my market stall!  Those days are now gone, by choice, and I am now stress free!

I am going to share a few patterns with you soon, which will be free!  Simple and quick patterns.

So stay tuned.... there will be ...  NEWBORN Baby Hat FREE PATTERN
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Crochet Hat Newborn

This "Perfect Wrist and Headband" pattern is so simple to make.  

A perfect little accessory for the coming summer months.



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Wristband/Headband Measurements: 

will vary depending on yarn and hook size. 

Aim for easy fit, this stitch will stretch and cotton yarn does relax with wear.

free crochet patterns, wristbands, headbands, cuffs,
Crochet Wristband Pattern

ciao, ciao!
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