Friday, 25 February 2011

Loving the Hearts - Crochet Doily Pattern

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Crochet Hearts Doily - after row 8
Work in Progress
As promised I started the "Crochet-Along Hearts Doily" last night and here are some photos of my progress.

I placed it over my blue doily for size comparison, you can see it will end up a bit bigger which is not an issue, and I am really enjoying the experience.  

Thank you to Cylinda Matthews from Crochet Memories for this wonderful crochet hearts doily pattern.

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Crochet Hearts Doily Pattern - after row 17

The pattern is easy to follow,  although there were a few moments there, I wasn't exactly sure what it was saying and I actually thought there was a mistake in the pattern, I think it was my haste to get on with it, because as soon as I focused and re-read the instruction it all made sense.

I think this is where a chart would help to explain what is happening in each row.

The end is in sight!
So tonight I will have completed the doily, so excited about it, now it will be interesting deciding where to use it!

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, hearts, doily, mandalas, doilies, placemats,
Crochet Hearts Doily - WIP

I hope you are willing to try this Hearts Doily Pattern, it is really quite easy and I think it would look lovely in a heavier cotton, maybe something like a 4ply or even an DK, using either Patons 100% Cotton, or Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton.  I am sure that will be a project for another time.

Do come back and share your creations, when you have tried this beautiful Hearts Doily Pattern, I would love to see your lovely handiwork.

Ciao, Ciao

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how to crochet, placemats, coasters, doilies,

how to crochet, mandalas, coasters, placemats, doilies,

how to crochet, placemats, coasters, doilies, mandalas, crochet patterns,

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Courtney montgomery said...

Hi your doily is beautiful I am currently working up one question is I am on row 11 and have gotten stuck it doesn't seem to make clear sense.