Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Life is Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows!

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Heavenly sunshine days!

How fantastic has the weather been lately?

Here in Kent the sun is shining, the wind has died down and it's just glorious, not only feels like those long summer days but it's even starting to smell like them. Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit, just a little bit. But it is wonderful to be able to get out and walk along the seafront without a wind chill factor freezing my face off!

Concerted Effort!

Which brings me to the patterns I am working on right now. I have finally knuckled down and I am working conscientiously on writing up, checking and re-making those colourful crochet hat patterns which I worked on, oh so many weeks ago!

Three (3) Crochet Patterns for Spring and Summer Hats

All three crochet hat patterns are crocheted with King Cole “Bamboo Cotton” 50% bamboo 50% cotton, in beautiful vibrant spring/summer colours.

Crochet Hat No. 1 is the  TROPO Hat

crochet patterns, how to crochet, hats, sun hats,

TROPO Hat is a colourful, springtime crochet hat pattern with a lovely stitch design pattern involving colour changes, and some tricky stitch work and is definitely NOT for the beginner!  Sorry folks.

Crochet Hat No. 2 is the GREEN SHRIMP Hat

crochet patterns, how to crochet, hats, sun hats,

GREEN SHRIMP is a simpler crochet hat pattern, which any confident beginner can tackle.  The pattern includes instructions for the Flower Brooch.

Crochet Hat No. 3 is the  VIOLET Hat

crochet patterns, how to crochet, hats, sun hats,

VIOLET Hat is a super little cloche hat just perfect for the spring months.  Flower Brooch pattern is included.

Of course, if you like plain colours and don't want to do colour changes, all of these crochet hat patterns can always be crocheted in one (1) colour, resulting in a very interesting and beautiful texture to the finished project.

So do keep your eye open for these wonderful, colourful fresh springtime crochet hat patterns, which will be appearing soon, in my online stores.   First available from RAVELRY, and then ETSY and CRAFTSY.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!  I am.  Ciao, for now!

Ciao, ciao!

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