Sunday, 1 June 2014

DIAMONDS are forever knit into a PONCHO

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This is my latest creation, a knit poncho with hood for my grandchild.  Knit diamonds pattern which is super easy. 

My daughter and I both love aran style cardigans and sweaters, therefore an aran style poncho seemed like a good idea too.

If you know my work, you will know I prefer to focus on simple designs - so the question was - HOW EASY IS IT GOING TO BE? this aran style poncho?

I love a challenge, and love to create simple designs which look different and unique without too much hard work.  So coming up with a simple aran style pattern without having to use a cable needle was top of the list  with this poncho.

I searched high and low for ideas, in the end came up with two designs I liked and I would be happy using for the poncho.  Simple enough and not too taxing on the brain, however one did use a cable needle.

knit patterns, how to knit, poncho with hood, child, toddler, diamonds,

After consultation with my daughter, we decided on the diamonds. Super simple and no cable needle in sight.  And honeycomb and seed stitch will probably be used for a cardigan/sweater some time further down the track, when the grandchild is older.  Maybe, I think.

So DO YOU WANT TO KNOW where I found these two wonderful aran patterns?

OK, let's start with the first sample, at the bottom of the photo.
It's a honeycomb pattern with a seed stitch either side, which helps the honeycomb cable stand out.

I found it through Google search Images.  It is the "Otto Day Cardigan" by Beatrice Perron Dahlen.  You will find the lovely little design here THREAD & LADLE

And the second sample, the diamond pattern, guess where I found that?  You won't believe it - in my sweater drawer.  Yes, that's right a cotton sweater which I own has the diamond pattern in it.  And there I was searching all over the internet for something simple.  LOL

knit patterns, how to knit, diamonds, poncho with hood, child, toddler,

Now, without spending too much time checking it out, I am not sure how true to aran this diamond stitch pattern is?  I mean I can't find it anywhere, it doesn't use any crossed stitches or cable needle, it is just a simple knit and purl pattern.

Which is good news, right?  Simple and easy, and no cable needle in sight.

OK let's move to the important stuff - the pattern.

DIAMONDS Knit Poncho with Hood is NOW available from my online stores.  



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