Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Return to the Crochet Coop!

Like a "homing pigeon"
Hunstanton Seafront, Norfolk
Yes, just like our feathered friends we flew the coop - a weekend away with relatives in Northampton and then onwards east to Norfolk to meet up with "the coast walkers" - oh yeah.... we have members in the family who are walking the whole coast of Britain!
Before you wonder? no we don't walk with them - their pace is a bit too fast for us - and the weather conditions are sometimes (often?) too wild!
We had a great week away exploring the West Norfolk region and we are now back and I am scratching around for inspiration for new crochet projects.

For some reason, (maybe it is due to having a week away and not crocheting?) I am struggling with getting back into something, anything...
so last night I just sat and crocheted ...
small stuff...
just to crochet...   do you like?

I have a few more crochet patterns to write up and finalize but I am procrastinating .... definitely not in the mood for pattern writing... but I know "this too will change" as everything does change and I will be back with more patterns to share.

On the Horizon
I do have a number of hat projects just waiting to be presented in pattern form...  here's a sneak peek!

they are colourful and playful and I know this limbo time will soon pass...

I may have to wait till after the full moon?

So for now, ciao!
and keep a look out for the new stuff!

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