Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cutie Pie and 3D texture!

Keeping up appearances!
How satisfying is it to have your "darling little treasure" dressed in a cute or handsome little hat?

"awh... how sweet!"  "isn't she beautiful"  "how handsome does he look?"

and being able to say "I MADE IT!"

Would you like me to make you one?

or if you prefer this is where you can find the pattern!

Sweat and tears!
Finally, after many hours of crochet, writing, photos and the rest....

I have just listed a few more baby hat patterns to help you dress your darling!

Quick and easy with a bit of style.

Check them out and see if anything takes your fancy.

There will be more coming soon...

when I get back from our little getaway (next 5-6 days)... so looking forward to our trip north.

Ciao! for now!