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About this blog:

My name is Barbara Summers and I created this blog MiCrocknit Creations in April 2010, for the simple purpose of sharing my crochet and knit pattern designs and projects. I hope you enjoy reading, commenting and browsing through all the patterns and links.

Barbara Summers Crochet Story:

My Polish mother-in-law Henryka, taught me the basics of crochet in 1973/1974, during the time I was living in Poland.

Over the years I improved and developed my crochet skills through self-teaching by practising, experimenting and learning new stitches and techniques from crochet pattern books. Crochet became my much-loved hobby.

In 2005-2008 my hand knit and crochet creations were sold in boutiques as well as the markets in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia and in 2006-2007 at Spitalfields, London, UK.

Barbara Summers Hand Knit and Crochet website was officially launched in August 2008, as an online shop for crochet and knit garments.

I no longer make accessories/garments for sale, I have turned my passion for creating into designing crochet and knit patterns, some are free and some are for sale.

I write my patterns in USA American crochet terms and some in UK British crochet terms. My crochet designs have been published in Inside Crochet magazine and with DMC Creative World Ltd.

About my personal life:

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to Polish parents who immigrated to Australia after WWII. My upbringing was totally influenced by strong family values and customs based on the Roman Catholic calendar. 

barbara summers, family photos, free crochet patterns, free knit patterns,

I grew up speaking, reading and writing in Polish as well as English, and my life was full of Polish culture, Polish folklore and dressing up in a regional dress for special occasions like Easter Sunday and performing with a Polish Folk Dancing Group in Perth. Not to mention the consumption of many home cooked Polish meals.

barbara summers, family photos, free crochet patterns, free knit patterns,


I live with my English husband in Whitstable, a seaside town in Kent, UK where I spend my time enjoying a simpler life pursuing my favourite hobbies.

I am a mother of two, a daughter and a son, who are all grown now and grandma to one (granddaughter 6yrs). 
barbara summers, family photos, free crochet patterns, free knit patterns,

I love to travel, walk, take photos, blog, cook and spend time with my family in Australia (when I get the chance).

I have a huge interest in natural medicine, which led me to study in my 40's at Southern Cross University, NSW.

I love exploring what this life is about, which has included reading motivational, spiritual and self-empowerment books and attending self-empowerment courses.

More recently

In June 2015 I had a return of breast cancer after 15.5 years, this time the lump grew in my armpit, impacting on the major nerve of my left arm. This has been the major reason for a slow decline in my designing of new patterns.

It is now January 2017, and after radiotherapy, I am still waiting for a return of the use of my left hand in the hope to crochet and knit once more. When that day comes I will be back to blogging about my new crochet and knit creations, in the meantime I hope you enjoy my existing patterns.

February 2018 Update: In March last year I managed to awkwardly knit a Mermaid Tail blanket for my grandchild, later in the year I gradually managed to crochet again. The lump in my armpit was reduced by radiotherapy but is still impacting on the major nerve of my left arm, therefore creating and blogging has been a very slow road. One day this too will change.

October 2018 Update: In July apart from ongoing pain 24/7 and CT scan showing the lump as being stable, swollen lymph nodes showed up above my left clavicle which seems to be pressing on major nerves and blood vessels of arm adding to the pain etc. Starting a round of radiotherapy on 29 October for 5 days. I have lost the use of left arm, hand and fingers. No knitting or crocheting since 1st September. Fingers crossed that all goes well and back to creating again in 6-9 months.

March 2019 Update: CT scan in December 2018 lump is less dense, another CT scan due in April 2019. Pins and needles along arm to fingertips, walking still induces pain in shoulder, still unable to use left arm, hand and fingers. One day this too will change!

In the meantime, 

I am always happy to share what I know and if you need any help with my patterns please contact me.

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