Sunday, 23 August 2015


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In the past, ALL Barbara Summers' Hand Knit and Crochet Patterns have always carried one or more policy clauses about selling, such as:

"Original Design by Barbara Summers.  For your personal use only. You can make and gift the finished product. YOU CANNOT SELL THE FINISHED PRODUCT."

"This pattern and items made from this pattern are for personal use only, and may not be used for commercial purposes."

OR something similar to the above.

Let me explain why I have always had "the no selling clause".

There have always been designers who "give permission" to sell items made from their patterns; designers who request you buy a "cottage license" to sell items made from their patterns; and there are many designers like me who request the item be made for personal use or to give as a gift only.

According to UK law, I legally have the right to protect my designs, by requesting it be made "for personal use only". 

HOWEVER, in the past year, I have been reviewing this "personal use only" clause.

In all honesty, I know people make items from my patterns and sell them. It is so easy for a pattern purchaser to make items from the pattern, and then sell those items at craft fairs, and I would never know. Same goes for selling online, I don't go hunting them down, I have better things to do with my time.

SO, I am changing my policy about "personal use only", it will now read "Barbara Summers' patterns may not be used for mass production purposes".

As long as you alone (the purchaser of the pattern) are making the items, and not producing hundreds of my designs by means of using a team of employees or machinery, I give you permission to make and sell items made from my patterns.

If you can give me your website or shop URL I can use it to direct future purchasers to "where they can buy the item ready made", as I do not always have the time to make items/garments for sale myself.

FROM THIS DAY FORWARD I, Barbara Summers, give you "Permission to Sell" items made from Barbara Summers' Hand Knit and Crochet Patterns.

PLEASE contact me via my Facebook Page if you would like me to list your website or shop URL where you sell items/garments made from my patterns. 

Please be aware if you are buying existing patterns, one of these policy clauses may appear on the pattern itself, PLEASE disregard the "personal use only". I do not have the time to make changes to the one hundred or so patterns which I have written in the past, with the new policy change. All NEW patterns, from today's date, will carry the new clause.

Ciao, ciao!