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Mandala of Hearts - Love, Love, Love!

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Doily Heaven

Have you ever searched for doily patterns on the web?  OMG - there are soooo many. I don't know why I never thought to go to this place before. So many designs and colour schemes and amazing little angels and swans and oh my just so much doily stuff. I am in doily heaven.

I spent at least an hour or so, of just browsing and admiring and dared not spend more time searching in case I was swallowed up by the massive array of doily patterns. A bit like a "black hole" - the black hole of crochet doilies!

free crochet patterns, hearts, mandala, doilies,

Joy of Discovery

I was overjoyed to find at least a couple of FREE doily patterns which included heart shapes and didn't seem too complicated or overtaxing. You know, it is my first real attempt at serious doily crochet - and I am so keen on following through with my "hearts" theme  - I like to think of these as my heart mandalas bringing in lots of love into my world!

I managed to crochet a total of  three (3) doilies (different sizes using different yarns and hooks) all made in one afternoon - this crochet heart doily pattern is really easy and once you have made one doily, it is REALLY easy to remember the pattern and to crochet another doily without having to refer to the writtern pattern (well hardly) at all! 

I really, really love this easy heart pattern and have a few ideas about how I can use it elsewhere. Of course, when I get around to crocheting my ideas I will share it with you. But for now I am taking a break from the heart doily thing and focusing on finishing a few other "WIP" which have been  patiently waiting in the bottom of my work basket.

free crochet patterns, hearts, mandalas, doilies,

Pattern Source

This first pattern is a very good beginner's pattern.  If you would like to download the pattern you will find it HERE.

free crochet patterns, hearts, mandalas, doilies,

I also found a second hearts doily pattern, however you will have to wait for my next hearts mandala doily BLOG.  I aim to start on the lovely heart doily pattern tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how quickly I finish off some loose ends (so to speak)!

The Crochet Memories website seems to have (or used to have - I didn't check it out thoroughly yet)  "crochet-along" patterns.  So you could join in and crochet a certain amount of the doily and then wait for the rest to be posted. Anyway the Hearts Doily Pattern I am talking about is available to download from HERE.

I hope this has been of benefit to some of you and if anyone has any other websites of interest to share please post a comment at the end of the blog post below, and it will be lovely to see what else is out there for everyone to enjoy!  

free crochet patterns, hearts, mandalas, doilies,

Ciao, ciao!

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