Saturday, 19 February 2011

Coffee Coaster Blues

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"One of these days Alice!" bang!!! zoom!! pow!    "I'm gonna make you some coffee coasters".

Ideas brew!

I love the way ideas just fly into one's head. Rummaging through my stash I came across some cotton ribbon yarn - yes could be a sunhat but is there enough?  maybe, no not really. Oh hang on, there is also this bamboo yarn, ooh cool, just the perfect contrast too. OK, now what?  um let me handle it, play with the yarn that is, hmm hook size recommended is 5.5mm, no I think I will use a 6mm hook. 

This ribbon yarn will have just the right thickness and perfect for coasters. I wonder if I can get six (6) coasters out of one skein? Maybe try it, if not I can also make some from the dark blue ribbon yarn instead. OK let's go for it!

Time tells a story!

From conception to finish, these coasters were a "no brainer". Simple double crochet into a magic loop, for three (3) rounds, and then contrast single crochet and crab stitch to finish.

I like to "just crochet" sometimes. No patterns, no checking gauge, nothing to adhere to - I am free to go anywhere with this yarn and hook. Moments like these I have no thoughts, and I am totally consumed by the process of crochet, totally in the moment, I exist in the present and time is nowhere!  Simply heavenly crochet time!

I started these coasters on Wednesday afternoon and managed to make eight (8) coasters from 1 skein, that was a real bonus. I then decided to make a large centre piece, initial thoughts were to use on my circular tray when afternoon tea/coffee is served.  Good idea! 

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Crazy Doily!

This large centre piece was quickly turning into hours of crochet and ripping, ripping and crochet, just experimenting with the stitches so I could make the yarn go further to get the perfect size centre piece to fit the tray.  Hey karumba!  I am starting to admire doily crocheters.  

OK so I was working without a pattern but really how difficult can it be?  You go round in circles right?  Too easy!  Well not so easy when asking a piece of circular crochet to lie flat, it becomes a challenge!  I could have easily done the increasing in the usual manner but then I would have ended up with a hexagon or an octagon and that is not what I was aiming for.  So changing from double crochet to a variety of V-sts and incorporating the contrast mocha bamboo to help bring the piece together was a bit of a "ripping" experience! Hahaha! So glad it is now finished, I literally spent hours. Phew!   Click HERE and watch

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Moving along!

After this crochet centre piece triumph? or should I say marathon more like it, so many hours for something so basic, r e a l l y !  I am now keen to try my hand at doily patterns. No, I am not going to re-invent the wheel, I am going to find a pattern to work with. It will be something new to accomplish.

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Square Heart!

Earlier in the week I also played around with placing my "perfect heart" into a square. Another small achievement with loads of hours of rip, rip, rip. Yes, it is definitely trial and error week, lucky me!

I believe I am getting a message from the crochet angels telling me to look at doily patterns. Thanks a lot, wish you told me before I started these two (2) projects. I am sure the creations would have been easier to work out with a bit of knowledge of doily construction.

I promise to keep you all posted on my search for a doily pattern which will inspire me!  

Ciao, Ciao

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