Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tropical Fruits - good enough to eat!

Nature's Colours!
Don't you just love the natural beauty and vibrant colours which nature provides us with?

I love the variety and vibrancy!  enticing me to eat .... hmmm....

I love roaming around farmers' markets and admiring all the wonderful colours of fruits and vegetables - greens, oranges, reds, purples, yellows - and my favourite colours can be found amongst the amazing tropical fruits....  mango; passionfruit; paw paw (papaya); kiwi to name a few.
All these vibrant coloured fruits and vegetables just for us to eat and enjoy. Yummy!

Fruity Inspiration!
Anyway my inspiration for the next crochet baby/toddler hat came from thinking about the abundance of tropical fruits in my hometown of Byron Bay, Australia... probably the one thing I really miss... walking out the back door and picking a papaya off the tree or a passionfruit off the vine!  OK enough dreaming, I am in grey, cold and windy England now... all tropical fruit comes from everywhere else except the UK!  STOP THERE.... getting a bit side tracked about food...  oh so easy to do isn't it?
Right back to crochet I came across these amazing yarn colours whilst doing a bit of historical travelling in Kent.  Yes even though the weather is a bit miserable my husband and I commit to getting out and about... otherwise you wouldn't move outdoors during winter at all!

Yarn and Pattern Stitch!
The yarn is King Cole "Bamboo Cotton" and they have some great colours.  With new season colours in now.  Check out the colour chart here.  The bamboo cotton yarn is just perfect for crochet hats whether for baby, toddler, teen or adult.  And with spring around the corner I am convinced these colours are just begging to be displayed.  I used "Shrimp, Green and Violet" in this crochet hat and I have called it "Tropical Fruits" in honour of my favourite colours and fruits. Doesn't it look delicious?

MiCrocknit Creations design by Barbara Summers  "Tropical Fruits" Crochet Hat

Catherine Wheel!
The pattern stitch I used is "Catherine Wheel" and just the perfect stitch for a multi-coloured project.

I crochet the hat in the round starting from the top and end with a couple of rows of single crochet with a picot.

So cute...

I am now working on finalizing the pattern along with a couple (or three or four) other baby hat patterns.   So keep a look out for when I post them on my website.

Crochet Hat TROPO is available from my online stores:


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