Monday, 24 January 2011

Bright Colours and Wonderful Texture: Crochet Hats Baby Boy and Baby Girl

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Enjoying Winter Crochet

In the midst of winter's gloomy greys, it is delightful to be working with bright colours - makes me think of sunny days and blooming spring flowers, even though here in the UK spring is a few months away - it is so nice to be sitting in a warm room crocheting away and dreaming of things to come.

Pattern Writing and Testing

I have been re-crocheting and re-checking my written patterns - a scarf pattern and more hat patterns - this usually means I am madly trying to decipher the handwritten scribblings which pass for my pattern notes - of course I must admit I am nowhere as organized as I thought I was. I made so many different hats, mittens and scarves last year, it is only when I peruse my photos I realize I haven't written up the patterns for some.

Photo below includes some of my creations:
1. LACY Scarf (no pattern); 
2. BREEZY Sun Hat (no pattern); 
3. VALENTINA Crochet Hat (pattern available from my shops)
4. FEDORA Hat (no pattern)
5. HALF MOONS Scarf (no pattern)

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Creative Juices Flow

It is always so much easier for me to just grab a ball of yarn and just start crocheting. Sometimes just to try the new yarn and sometimes I have an idea for something which inevitably can turn out to be crocheted into something else altogether.  So the question put to me often by my husband is: "So what you making now?" and my answer could be:  "Don't know yet... just trying out the yarn!"

Crochet Stitch Fascination

Right now I am fascinated (addicted) with double crochet and FPdc and how many different ways I can use them. So far the experimenting is full of promise with a couple of new patterns resulting in some new crochet baby hats as you can see in photo below.

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New Baby Hat Patterns

The photo above is showing two (2) new baby hats:

1. FREE Crochet Hat NEWBORN PATTERN - this newborn baby hat pattern has a simple rib-like texture. Perfect for everyday wear or that special day out. Basic stitches double crochet and Front Post double crochet. Made with King Cole “Bamboo Cotton” and a 4mm hook. This pattern can be adapted to other yarns.

2. Crochet Hat LITTLE BOY BLUE PATTERN - simply perfect textured hat pattern complemented with bands of colour. Perfect for little boys everyday wear or that special day out. Basic stitches single crochet, double crochet, Front Post double crochet. Made with Rowan “Belle Organic” DK and a 4mm hook. This pattern is adaptable to other yarns.  PATTERN AVAILABLE FROM MY ONLINE SHOPS

Natural Yarns and Beautiful Colours

I have been using my favourite yarn Rowan "Belle Organic" and Rowan "Wool Cotton" both very easy yarns to crochet with and have a nice feel and drape; and of course some fantastic bright and luscious colours.  You can check the colour chart on their website here. This has definitely been my favourite yarn all last year.  

Of course I am always finding some new yarns on my travels and here is one I found in a small shop in Sandwich, Kent, UK and I just love it too. King Cole "Bamboo Cotton". just perfect for crochet baby hats.  You can check their colour chart here.

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