Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Just Clone Me!

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I want to be cloned

Why isn't there another me? Another Barbara who can spend all the time she likes on the laptop keying in crochet patterns, sorting through photos, tagging everything (and I mean tagging EVERYTHING) and just getting everything organised?

I would like to spend my day exploring new crochet ideas, crocheting, playing with a variety of yarns, creating at my leisure, and jotting down pattern notes, which could be deciphered and turned into written patterns by the other me.  Where is this other me? 


Some days I look around and I have a stash of projects all finished and a notebook full of my scribbles and notes, and no inclination at all to sit down at the laptop and key it all in - I need help, I prefer to play with my crochet hook, not sit at the keyboard recording the steps!


Anyway here is a little snippet of some crochet patterns I am working on and when the urge to sit at the laptop for a few hours to write out the patterns occurs, they will be available for purchase and few will be FREE.

1. SEASIDE Crochet Doily and Coasters

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This crochet doily and coasters set will be a great addition to my festive table come Christmas. I love the blues with the green, however, I may try making a set in a range of festive-type colours such as - yellow, pomegranate, fuschia and green. Wow it's only August and I am already thinking of Christmas!


Simple crochet doily and coasters pattern, colours of the sea, you can make them as colourful and festive as you like.

Two simple coaster patterns – both same size, but with a variation to number of rows worked and the stitch sequence. For that eclectic look!

YARN: Patons 100% Cotton DK
HOOK: 4.5mm
MEASUREMENTS:  Doily 11.5ins (29cms) diameter; Coasters 4.25ins (11cms) diameter 

I just love the amazing colour range Patons has available in this DK cotton yarn.  A good substitute yarn is Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK.

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, doily, coasters,

FREE CROCHET PATTERNS  SEASIDE Doily and Coasters Crochet Patterns are available from my online stores RAVELRY and CRAFTSY

2. Crochet Mobius (Neckwarmer) and Mittens

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Basically my thoughts have been focused on Christmas and the cold weather mainly because this summer has been lacking in warmth, just a wee bit. I am already thinking mittens and neckwarmers and doing a bit of work on my crochet MAN stuff, like crochet mobius for men with matching mittens. What do you think?

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, mittens, headbands, scarves,

Unfortunately for this little project the yarn I used was a left-over from last winter and definitely a yarn I would not recommend, it's by Sirdar called Tweedie Chunky 40% Wool, 15% Alpaca and 45% Acrylic (I think it has been discontinued). I don't like the texture when it's crocheted - the feel is just too r-u-b-b-e-r-y, yep that's right rubbery. Why do they even bother making this awful stuff?

Anyway I made the mobius and one mitten and I hate it so much I have binned it, yeah it's that bad, honesty I couldn't even bring myself to feel comfortable giving it to a charity shop!

THERE IS NO PATTERN for this disaster!  I totally gave up trying to make it in another yarn, I was so put off by the texture and feel of this yarn. C'est la vie!

3. Chunky Mobius for THE MAN

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, mittens, headbands, scarves,

Here is my favourite mobius pattern for men SHADOW named after the yarn I used.  It's a really nice chunky yarn Patons Shadow Tweed 56% Wool 40% Acrylic 4% Viscose. It's not exactly my favourite all natural fibre yarn, but my darling suffers with wool itchiness, no matter how it comes, merino wool, cashmere, or alpaca, you name it, he finds it itchy! go figure! So this is a nice bearable, non-itchy yarn for him to wear.  For substitute yarns check out this website: YARNSUB

SHADOW Crochet Mobius is a great Christmas gift, it can be made with only one skein (using 7mm hook) and Patons has a nice assortment of colours available in this yarn.  UPDATE: now discontinued check with YARNSUB website for substitute yarns.

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, mittens, headbands, scarves,

I am seriously thinking about making a few more of these as quick gifts for Christmas, however even though it is only 56% wool it is still HAND WASH only, which can be an issue for some. 

SHADOW Mobius for Men Crochet Pattern is available from my online stores:  RAVELRY         CRAFTSY         ETSY


There will also be a simple pattern coming soon of how to make a mobius headband with some basic shaping involved. I have made it with cotton yarn and before I release the new pattern want to also make it with wool. So it's something you will have to wait and see when I next post my blog. HERE IS A SNEAK PEAK PHOTO.

free crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, mittens, headbands, scarves,
Well that's all for now, I am busy crocheting myself another sleeping beanie, oh yeah!

Ciao Ciao!


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