Monday, 25 July 2011

Simply Creative Crochet

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Ho Hum Week

I've been "under the weather" lately and my only saviour has been my ability to crochet through the thick and thin of it. So, please don't ask, I prefer not to talk about it, I'd rather focus on a healthy body and everything working 100%.

Basically, I concentrate totally on my crochet to avoid feeling the pain, and thank God for small wonders. How amazing is the brain/body relationship? take your mind off it and it doesn't exist! Well, at least for moments in infinity.

Crochet Showtime

Now to present my new creation... drum roll please... I am very pleased with myself and my new design...  "simply perfect" and "simply beautiful"

Mobius Neckwarmer "HONEYCOMBE"

crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, neckwarmer, cowl, infinity scarf,

Mobius Scarf Technique

This crochet mobius is made using Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's instructions for crocheting a mobius in a continuous circle, starting from the middle.  I love her concept and how easy it is, make one and there is no stopping you from making many more mobius scarfs, shawls, neckwarmers, cowls, headbands. Whatever takes your fancy - long, short, lacy, chunky, etc, etc, you get the picture.

So here is my short version with a "simply beautiful" honeycombe texture, (my own design, of course). I first crocheted the honeycombe texture stitch with a delicious little keyhole scarf I made last winter, it is great for extra warmth, because the honeycombe structure traps air and keeps you warm and it is gives the crocheted fabric extra stretch too, not to mention it is delightfully eye-catching and very tactile.  I love it!

Design Focus

The aim with this crochet mobius scarf was to make it small enough to sit comfortably around the neck, no extra length or bulk, just short and simple.  

I also focused on not too wide so it stands up around the neck of it's own accord and being the right width presents the added bonus, it doubles fantastically as a warm headband. Oh yes, it is very, versatile.

crochet patterns, how to crochet, mobius, scarf, cowl, infinity scarf,

Little Extra

For a little extra pizzazz, I added a "quinque floris foliumthat's a five petal (leaf) flower. Oh, this too is a new creation, (more about it in a future blog) and yes it has a brooch backing so it can be moved to somewhere else if you prefer, like coat lapel or pinned to a cardigan. OR wherever, whatever you wish to pin it to!

Matching Mittens

Ok, I am so excited with the new look mobius neckwarmer (headband). That I had to create some fingerless mittens to match, so excited, definitely took my mind off my "fraken" sinusitis, OH DARN, wasn't going to mention that.

Now, these matching mittens are also a new design, last winter I made a pair for myself using the "honeycomb lattice" stitch, a slightly more complex pattern.

Anyway, check out these "little beauties"... you like?  

crochet patterns, how to crochet, mittens, fingerless,

I've decided on the "simple no-fuss" cuteness for those more inclined (like myself) who prefer the classic look i.e. mittens without the optional extra of attached flower, however if you happen to be a "flower-power" kind of girl then these are "simply perfect" for you.

crochet patterns, how to crochet, mittens, fingerless,

Pattern Details

My all time favourite yarn of course Rowan Belle Organic DK 50% Organic Wool and 50% Organic Cotton. The colours are gorgeous and they feel great.  I used Hibiscus 009 and Slate 015 and a 4mm hook.

Both the mobius neckwarmer and the mittens are crochet in the round, and the flower brooch is also crochet not only in the round but in one-piece, using colour change, which results in no sew centre piece (you know how much I hate sewing) so I will do anything to get around it!

Pattern Availability

PATTERN IS AVAILABLE from my online shops

crochet patterns, how to crochet, mittens, fingerless, MOBIUS, SCARF,

Ciao, ciao!

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