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Crochet Mobius Scarf

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Briefly, the shape of the Möbius Strip dates back to ancient times.  The Möbius strip or band is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. A model can easily be created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop.” (extract from Wikipedia website )

To interpret this description of a mobius strip into crochet, you just crochet a strip and then give it a half-twist and join the ends to form a loop, which leaves you with a visible join in the strip.

However, the alternative to this, is to crochet a mobius band by crocheting in continuous rounds, with the twist already in place, and without a joining seam.

You may call it an infinity scarf or a twisted cowl, but whatever you call it, it is a wonderful accessory and quite versatile. It can be made long or short, wide or narrow, using any yarn and hook, using any pattern stitch, changing colours and finishing with a decorative edge.  The choice is always yours, there is so much scope for you to really get as creative as you like.

I made my first crochet mobius scarf some years ago when I was selling my crochet items at the Spitalfields Markets in London.  So when it came to making the current pink mobius scarf I had quite a time locating my pattern notes. Thankfully I had kept them, which is why I thought it would be great to share them with you here.


I decided to make this scarf just long enough to sit comfortably around my shoulders. I had my husband take a measurement of me, at chest level, with my arms by my sides, giving me the circumference of the scarf, so it would drape over my shoulders.

how to crochet, free crochet patterns, mobius, moebius, infinity scarf, twisted cowl,


YARN:  Jaeger Mohair DK
HOOK: 6mm (J-10)
MEASUREMENTS: 127cm (50in) circumference; 30.5cm (12in) wide

You can make any size you like, make it shorter to sit comfortably around your neck, or make it really long.  There are no strict sizes. So have some fun and let the creative juices flow.


A.  Design concept by Mirjam Bruck Cohen, Israel (For more information on Mirjam Bruck Cohen see her website ) 

In my crochet notes I had written down the name of the person who designed this amazing crochet method for the mobius scarf.  I was really interested in finding out more about her, so I contacted Mirjam and with an exchange of emails, came the explanation of how Mirjam came to develop this innovative pattern. 

Therefore with Mirjam’s permission, I am posting her original idea which she posted on FFcrochet (during the time she belonged to the group):

how to crochet, free crochet patterns, mobius, moebius, infinity scarf, twisted cowl,


Good Morning Croladies!!!

The crochet Moebious I made was calculated by me , without any help and before a nice Belgian lady Ria taught me the knitted `no seam` version.

In fact I have been exposed to those Paper moebiouses, but only when I read Elizabeth Zimmermann`s "Knitting Around", School House Press , 1997 [4th press] , did I see any suggestion to use it as a Shawl .

I liked the idea in general, but was not so keen on the `false' seam.

After looking at a paper version and thinking about the concept, I was sure that one should be able to make it in one piece, from the center out.

I discussed it with my friend the mathematician, and played with possible `turning` points.

I realized that when one starts with a basic chain it is not so easy to turn it, so decided to start with a Basic Double Crochet row (Dc cast on] [USA term = treble UK term]

DC [USA] cast on:

Make 3 st , make 1 Dc in the first st, make next dc in the lowest loop of the bottom part of the last dc go on like that until you have the wanted length.

Now comes the trick, lay flat on a table so that all the dc row is straight, take the 1st dc and turn , make a SC [USA] on the bottom part, of the first Dc , put a marker, now make a Half Dc, in the bottom of the second dc , make Dc on the bottom of third Dc and work Dc from now on all the bottom side of the 1st row, when you come to the marker you might decide to make some lacy pattern.

Both sides will show thus upper of the row will show one side of the crochet and underside will show other side of the crochet , but it is and looks and feels like one piece .... Mirjam

I am grateful for Mirjam to share her knowledge with us all and ever so humble for her having given me permission to share her pattern here. 

Once you get familiar with the concept you will find it so easy to introduce your own pattern stitch and create amazing accessories. Come along and have some fun!

Ciao, ciao!

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