Sunday, 12 September 2010

Crochet Magic Mobius in Red Mohair

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Crochet Mobius in Red Mohair - Quick day project  

I used a 6mm hook with this yarn to give it a more condensed stitch and more weight.  You could easily make it using a 7mm hook. The red mohair yarn is a 8ply or DK but crochets up thicker than the Jaeger Mohair DK I used in the pink mobius scarf. (see previous blog post)

That is why it is a good practice to always crochet a swatch with the hook and yarn you have chosen for a project. When experimenting with yarns and hooks I would always advise you make two or three swatches using different hook sizes and maybe a slightly different stitch, just to see how the yarn feels and how it hangs and how much stretch it is likely to have. 

I wanted this mobius to be a bit longer in length than the pink mobius, so made the first row 52ins long and the final width was 12.5ins wide without the decorative edge. (approximately 14.5ins wide with edge).

I think this is going to be my Christmas scarf.  I love wearing something red or green for the Christmas period.  Will definitely make a pair of mittens to match.

free crochet patterns, scarf, cowl, mobius, how to crochet,
Mobius around neck twice
I am not sure how much yarn I used because it came off a large spool which I found at the local charity shop.  I could weigh it but I don't have any kitchen scales, so if I go by what I used for the pink mobius which used up 3 balls x 50g - then you could say it would take 3-4 balls x 50g of this yarn.  But that's just an estimate.

Yes I am into recycling in a big way lately, the local charity shops in my little town of Tankerton, in Kent, UK seem to carry an interesting variety of yarns.  

However one must peruse these shops at least 2-3 times a week to snap up the bargain yarns before they are carried off by the competition!  

So to keep it short and sweet..
free crochet patterns, scarf, cowl, mobius, how to crochet,
Top - smooth; bottom - fluffy
If you check out this photo, you can see how the mohair mobius scarf ends up - you can definitely see the two different sides of the mobius scarf.  The mobius scarf reveals the two sides or directions of the mobius - there is a fluffier half  and a smoother half of the crochet scarf, like having a top and a bottom, because they represent the two directions you are crocheting when crocheting a mobius from the middle row.  The fluffiest side is always on the opposite to the side facing you whilst crocheting.

Ciao Ciao!


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