Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rowan by Amy Butler

A quick word on Rowan yarns - and what's new - I found their new yarn accidentally in John Lewis in Milton Keynes whilst travelling north to visit family for the weekend.
Apparently, this yarn just hit the store shelves that week - and I am surprised - it is now a couple weeks since I bought the yarn and Rowan still don't have the new yarn listed on their website - was hoping to view the colour chart etc.
Here is a page which gives us an intro to what is coming..........
I love the yarn a blend of 50% merino wool and 50% cotton - beautiful colours and perfect for my project.
It is definitely my favourite new yarn - soft and warm and perfect for toddler hats, scarves and mittens (see previous post)........ and I think will be perfect for grown ups as well.
So....... I am hoping their colour charts will be available soon.......
Here is a snapshot sample of some of the colours I bought....... and finished hat and mitten (see previous post)
my focus was finding an olive green in a natural fibre yarn...... and then a contrast in purple/lilac....... the best colour combination luckily was the Rowan by Amy Butler and Rowan Wool Cotton -  both are delightful and work well together........ so happy !

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