Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Favourite Yarns

Are you looking for some great natural fibre yarns? at a great price?
Well, my all time favourite has always been Bendigo Woollen Mills in Australia.
They are Australia's largest hand knitting yarn mail order manufacturer, with a huge variety of different yarns and colours to choose from.

I still have a major stash of their yarn back in storage in Australia - and lately have been keen to get my hands on it.  Must convince my family I really can't live without out and they just must get themselves down to the storage sheds, dig it out for me, and post it to me here in the UK.  It will be way cheaper than me going out and buying more here!  Wonder if it will work...... convincing them I can't live without out????
I use the 100% Cotton yarn for making baby hats, mittens and booties - and the best offer from Bendigo Woollen Mills it comes in 200g balls - which is equivalent to 4 x 50g balls.  No annoying joins if you need to make larger items..... and oh so soft and also available in 4ply and 8ply.
Do check it out Bendigo Woollen Mills in Australia - no I am not getting a commission for this plug - I just LOVE the yarn.!!!!!!!!!!!

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