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2016 Crochet Pattern FANTASY Butterfly

happy new year

Here we are in 2016 and I do hope everyone had a wonderful 2015 year of crocheting and knitting many projects, and conquering new techniques and stitches.

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Canterbury Cathedral - 23 December 2015

I had a quiet end to 2015 with cataract surgery in both eyes, which took a total of 4.5 months from the first surgery to finally having new lenses replaced in my glasses. As well as other issues with my health which slowed me down to the point of having to give up our long distance walks, changing my diet and forcing me to totally focus on my health and well-being. Definitely a year of change for me, it has prevented me from crocheting or knitting at my usual daily pace, to the point of no crocheting at all, even though I have many creative ideas, I have not been able to execute them.

Anyway, life is ever changing, and this too will pass one day. For now I am grateful for everything I do have and everything I can do, and the fact I am still here. Breathing and laughing and enjoying each day as it comes.

For now I would like to thank everyone who has supported my creative work during 2015 and I am looking forward to sharing my new designs in 2016, even though they may not be as frequent or there may not be as many as previous years. So I will start with a nice little pattern which I hope you will enjoy and want to try out yourselves.

Here is my first 2016 crochet pattern, FANTASY Butterfly

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This little FANTASY butterfly lives in the enchanted forest, AND if you are unable to visit the forest Fantasy butterfly will come to you in your dreams. Fantasy butterfly lives forever, because in the enchanted forest everything is immortal. Life is never ending!

Fantasy butterfly can change colour whenever it wants, every day it changes it's colours, and every day the colours get more vibrant and fanciful. Just like everything else that lives in the enchanted forest, nothing stays the same colour, every single living thing is always changing colour as it pleases.

I invite you to come and play with the Fantasy Butterfly, come and make your own bright coloured Fantasy butterflies and bring some of the enchanted forest into your world.


DIFFICULTY: Easy Intermediate
MEASUREMENTS: approx. 3in (7.6cm) x 3in (7.6cm)
SIZES: One size
YARN USED: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4ply or similar mercerized cotton
TENSION: Not critical.
NOTIONS: 3mm hook, Yarn needle
PATTERN NOTES:  Butterfly is worked in the round.  Instructions in this pattern are for one (1) butterfly, using three (3) colours.  Each round is completed before changing colour.  Photographs accompany the written instructions at the end of this pattern.

This pattern is written in USA AMERICAN Crochet Terms.

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 Pattern is available from my online stores

Ciao, ciao!

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