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You fill up my senses,
like a night in the forest,
like the mountains in springtime, 
like a walk in the rain 

Most of you will recognize these words as the famous song by John Denver "Annie's Song", for me these words convey how I feel about the great outdoors. I love being outdoors in the forest (my favourite), or surrounded by mountains, give me the wide open spaces anywhere in nature and I am fulfilled and happy. 

crochet patterns, hats, beanies, unisex, man hats,

Crochet Hat Patterns

You may wonder how this relates to crochet, but it is exactly this love of the outdoors which has lead me to wearing hats all the time. Whether for warmth, or to keep the sun off my face, I AM A HAT WEARER, ALL THE TIME! That is why I love crocheting hats and I love creating new crochet patterns for hats.

crochet patterns, hats, beanies, unisex, man hats,

Creative Crochet

I often play with ideas for crochet hats and then leave them lying around for years before I get back to them and eventually get around to writing up the step-by-step instructions for the pattern. And most certainly when I do get to that stage, I guarantee you I will probably revise the crochet hat and remake it with new yarns.

crochet patterns, hats, beanies, unisex, man hats,

FOREST HAT Crochet Pattern

This is where I come to talk about my latest crochet hat pattern, it is an old hat from my market stall days in the Old Spitalfields Market, London, UK. That is where the first FOREST HAT was designed and created in a range of colours (with three little flowers attached). Funnily enough, I didn't sell many Forest Hats in London, but instead sold more of these hats on my return back to Australia at the markets in the Northern Rivers, NSW. 

Go figure, somewhere where it isn't as cold as London and I sell more FOREST HATSYou just never know who is going to like what?
crochet patterns, hats, beanies, unisex, man hats,

Today I have revised the Forest Hat crochet pattern, I have updated to a heavier yarn weight and larger hook than the original FOREST HAT and I have also given it an optional cotton lining for extra warmth and comfort. 


YARN:  Freedom Purity Chunky ● Wool 85% Alpaca 15%
HOOK:  6mm (J-10) 
SIZE:  Three (3) sizes - Child to Adult

This pattern is available in USA (American) 
and UK (British) Crochet Terms.

You will need to SELECT the CORRECT PATTERN TERMINOLOGY prior to purchase.
crochet patterns, hats, beanies, unisex, man hats,


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