Thursday, 28 February 2013


crochet coasters doilys pink green orange purple

Oh these grey, grey days, hard to put a smile upon my face days,

nothing but grey, cold, wind and rain...

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can't wait for spring, where's the colour in my world?

crochet patterns, how to crochet, coasters, doily, home decor,
Hidden in the darkness, these fabulous colours appear, perfect for happy and vibrant crochet fun, to brighten up my gloomy world!

You can never be too busy to have some fun with happy colours.

AND with Easter festivities coming up soon, I have decided we need loads more happy colours indoors to make up for the grey gloom outdoors.

Here is what I have been playing with: brightly coloured coastersin three (3) sizes.

crochet coasters spring blossoms orange purple green pink

Now you can make them with the King Cole Bamboo Cotton as I have, or use any other colourful thread you prefer to use, so the smaller the hook and yarn/thread thickness the smaller the size.  

You can have loads of fun with these, changing colour every round, every other round, or only change colour once, it's all up to you.

Let's talk crochet coaster design:  inspiration came from the colours of the bamboo cotton, the coaster needed a spring feel.  Spring means colourful blossoms, something we don't see during the winter months. 

And I wanted to keep it simple, so a basic little blossom edge, around a simple colourful centre.  So easy!

EASTER BLOSSOMS Coasters Crochet Pattern
is available from my online shops:


crochet patterns, how to crochet, coasterd, doily, home decor,

Enjoy every moment,
focus on every stitch,
create a masterpiece....

ciao, ciao...

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