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OCTAGON - the eight-sided motif is a striking alternative to the SQUARE granny motif.

To make a solid afghan blanket with octagons you need small squares to fit in between the octagons.

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The pieces fit together like a puzzle - four octagons surrounding a square.


My focus for the design of this octagon blanket was to keep it as simple as possible.  By using only two colours for the motifs and by repeating the same colour sequence for each motif, I found the whole process of creating each octagon and square very relaxing and satisfying.

It was so easy to keep track of my progress, I was able to lay out the octagons and visually gauge the size of the blanket I wanted to make.  

crochet patterns, blankets, afghans, baby, pram, cot,
This pattern was also published in the INSIDE CROCHET magazine, Issue 37, January 2013. 

When I finished making all the octagon motifs, I then proceeded to design the square motif to fit into the gaps.  Again, I kept the square filler motif very simple, just enough definition to highlight the octagon motif.

 Joining Motifs

The next task at hand, sewing the motifs together, and as you all know, sewing is not my favourite handcraft. But this was a very special project, for a very special person, my first grandchild, so I was prepared to do what it takes to get it done and get it done well.

Octagon motifs were joined side-by-side into long rows, and then each row was joined to next row, and finally, the square motifs were added into the gaps.  

Finishing Border

After all the motifs were joined and the gaps filled, the blanket took on a whole new look, and the result was very pleasing indeed.

Only at this point, after all the joining was complete, did the blanket present the SUN and STARS mosaic, therefore the name.

So, to finish off the motif blanket, I proceeded with a contrast row of cilantro around the edge of the motifs and finished with a simple row of reverse crochet in slate.

Simply perfect! I presented the blanket to my daughter in Australia, two weeks before the baby was born (CC was born June 30).

(You may have noticed my blanket for my grandchild, was made with Cilantro and Slate, whereas for the magazine, I used Cilantro and Aubergine.)

crochet patterns, blankets, afghans, baby, pram, cot,
Both blankets were made using

crochet patterns, blankets, afghans, baby, pram, cot,

SUN and STARS Baby Blanket PATTERN 


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