Thursday, 29 September 2011

Autumn Babies!

All babies need a hat...
a handmade crochet hat, of course...
and made by you!

It is a fact we humans lose a lot of heat through our heads, and hats help to keep the warmth in our bodies.

In autumn and winter especially, babies need to wear hats whilst outside, they just can not regulate their body temperatures until about 6 months old.

So, I've come up with a new crochet hat design for your babies head and I have added a cute pair of mittens to match.

Autumn Time!
I love autumn here in the UK... the cooler days, and the fresh breeze and the autumnal colours... just starting... but the one thing you see a lot of at this time of year in home gardens, along the road side and amongst the hedgerows are the colourful berries... berries, berries everywhere.... rowan berries, blackberries, rose hips, hawthorn berries, sloe berries, elderberries, and many others (which of course I don't know all their names)... maybe eventually I'll get there.  The abundance of berries this year is amazing... yellows, reds, blacks, blues, orange, white.... such a beautiful sight along the way... and some are good enough to eat!

All these wonderful and colourful berries and the onset of cooler days, has inspired me to design a super special little berry hat with matching mittens.

Baby Hat and Mittens "AUTUMN BERRIES"
I designed a cute little berry top hat with a small twig of berries in each panel around the body of the hat, and then added a smaller version of the berries to the mittens.

This hat and mittens pattern is written using James C. Brett "Pure Merino" DK and crocheted with a 4.5mm hook.  It will fit up to 16in (40.5cm) plus head circumference. Hints on making a smaller/larger size hat are included in the pattern.  Skill level for this pattern is:  Intermediate

The pattern is now available HERE and later will be available: Ravelry, Etsy, Folksy.  So you can choose your favourite shopping destination.
As always all my patterns come with FREE online pattern assistance.

May you enjoy this "simply perfect" pattern as much as I have...

Ciao, ciao!