Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Acknowledging Imperfection!

Yes, I admit I am not perfect...

I do make mistakes...
and the latest was a surprise!

Having come back recently from my whirlwind trip of UK, I am now slowly plunging back into my crochet and re-visiting my patterns and updating the layout and just perusing what needs tidying up etc.

To my surprise I found a "MISTAKE" with one of my patterns - not sure how it came about ???  I am basically dumbfounded ???
and worst of all - I am wondering why no-one has come back to me about it?

Fixing it!
MISTAKE is now fixed - so if you are one of my customers who purchased the Crochet Hat "FANS" pattern and have not received an email with the new updated pattern - PLEASE contact me - I would love to hear from you and remedy the situation.

Ciao, Ciao....

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