Sunday, 1 May 2011

Celebrations Over

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

Time to gather my thoughts

The Easter long weekend now seems so long ago, and the "big day" the Royal Wedding is now past history, and I am happy to report WE MANAGED TO CELEBRATE THE WEDDING IN STYLE.

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,
Celebrating the Royal Wedding - William and Kate

It is now time to get back to some serious crocheting before the next big calendar event, which will be the end of May and the arrival of my daughter from Australia woo hoo! I am so excited, to the point of distraction. It's a real effort to focus on new crochet designs right now, so many other things to get ready and to do.

New Crochet Hat Pattern

However, with all this extra-curricular activity I still managed to design another crochet sun hat, have a look.

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

The pattern is called "Crochet Hat SAILS" and is available from my RAVELRY store.

It is one of my favourite texture patterns, it looks like sails on the water or on the other hand it can also look like two-tone triangular leaves.

However you view this crochet stitch, it is definitely an interesting little textured pattern. PATTERN NOTE: This pattern requires patience, and would suit those with intermediate crochet skills.

Crochet Covers for Wedges

In the meantime, I have also been crocheting covers for my two foam wedges which I use to help support my lower back, especially good to use in the car, and a must when I am crocheting.

I used three strands of yarn for the cover mainly for strength and thickness.
crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

Aran Wool Blend in navy blue, a tan coloured 3ply and a multi-coloured blue 3ply yarn. Using up my stash yarns,  and crocheting with a 5mm hook to achieve a compact  fabric.  Especially since it will be sat on quite a bit!  LOL

The first cover is finished and already in the car, and I am now working my way through the second wedge cover,  which will be made with Cream Aran yarn instead of the blue and I will continue using the tan and multi-coloured blue (both these yarns are on cones).

Crochet Coffee Cozy

I am also in the final stages of crocheting a coffee cozy to fit a Bodum Coffee Plunger - slightly tricky it's for a friend and my coffee plunger is not the same size or style.

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

Here's a photo of "WIP" and I am hoping the colours will match her kitchen.

The yarn is Sirdar CROFTER DK "Fair Isle Effect" which of course when crocheted results in a totally different pattern to when knitted, also I used two strands held together for extra thickness, and using a 5mm hook for compact texture.

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

Crochet Flower Brooch

This week's "quickie" crochet project - my flower brooch for the jacket which I wore for the Royal Wedding celebrations.

crochet patterns, sun hats, flowers, how to crochet,

The centre of flower crocheted with two strands: one strand of Sirdar Snuggly "Baby Bamboo" a blend of 80% bamboo and 20% wool PLUS  one strand of cotton with gold metallic thread, for a hint of glitter.

Petals of the flower crocheted with Sirdar "Just Bamboo" 100% bamboo and using a 3.5mm hook for some rigidity, because the bamboo yarn is very soft and floppy.  The outer edge petals and the inner petals also edged in cotton and gold metallic single crochet for some sparkling contrast.

This flower pattern is available with my GREEN SHRIMP Hat Pattern, you can find it in my online stores. 
ETSY            RAVELRY

So for now, that is it, I am furiously ploughing through the foam wedge cover and enjoying the spring weather.  

Ciao, ciao!

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