Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A pocket full of ebooks...

Simple, practical and beautiful...
the Crochet Pocket JAWS

Contrast, texture and illusion - the perfect pocket for your "Kindle" e-reader.  Make it as colourful as you like OR simply stylish and subdued.  It is the perfect gift accessory.

I made this for "my man".... he has the Kindle "Paperwhite" and this is the perfect pocket for keeping it safe and protected.

The stitch pattern is my own design, created in the spur of the moment, I just love it when creativity and necessity come together.   This stitch design gives the pocket a sturdy structure with the slightest stretch sideways and a little more stretch lengthwise.  And the Kindle sits nice and snug inside the pocket and does not slip out.

Personally, I prefer the pocket made from 100% Aran Wool, much more sturdy and robust, just perfect for my man and his big hands.  I have also made this pocket in the softer Rowan Belle Organic Aran, it is still sturdy but softer in feel, just perfect for the lady.

You can find the Crochet Pocket JAWS pattern 

available on my website

and you will also find this pattern
in your favourite on-line store
Folksy  AND  Etsy

Enjoy every moment,
focus on every stitch,
create a masterpiece....
ciao, ciao...